Support Our Singers

Since 1991, The Lawrence Children’s Choir has provided the opportunity for hundreds of area youth to experience musical excellence and cultural enrichment through choral music. Half of LCC’s annual expenses are covered by tuition, ticket sales, and other sources of earned income. Our remaining funding depends upon generous individual donations, corporate contributions, and grants.  Your gift each year helps LCC serve the community and transform our singers’ lives through song.

The Lawrence Children's Choir, Inc. is registered with the state of Kansas as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, making your contribution tax-deductible.  We have several funds that you can contribute to, each serving a specific purpose within our organization.


General Donation- Please use my gift where it is needed most.

 Janeal Krehbiel Artistic Excellence Fund - Gifts to this fund are used to advance the core mission of the Lawrence Children’s Choir and its founding artistic director, Janeal Krehbiel. This fund addresses the myriad elements of the Lawrence Children’s Choir that make it a successful and professional organization, from professional recording to administrative costs, concert production to printed music, need-based tuition scholarships, and beyond.

 Marilyn Epp Artistic Legacy Fund - Gifts to this fund honor the artistic creativity and standard of LCC co-founder Marilyn Epp, providing funding for the commissioning of new choral works, the hiring of guest artists for musical collaboration with the children’s choir, and other exciting creative musical endeavors.

Carolyn Welch Tour Scholarship Fund - Gifts to this fund are used to provide need-based financial assistance for Tour Choir members to participate in the annual choir tour, which is the culmination of the personal dedication and musical growth that happens each season. This fund was established to commemorate Carolyn Welch, retired LCC Artistic Director, and the many trips she led in her tenure. These musical tours rotate between regional, national, and international tours, and are pivotal for offering world perspective, fostering independence, gaining cultural awareness and appreciation, and forging new and lasting relationships. Formal and impromptu performances around the globe make each singer an ambassador for both LCC and our region, and the self-esteem and life skills developed through travel will serve our young musicians for the rest of their lives.



You can choose to give back to Lawrence Children’s Choir through their Community Rewards Program.  Click here and link your card with our NPO (nonprofit organization) number,  XI015. Within a week, you should see on the bottom of your receipt, "At your request, Kroger is donating to 'Lawrence Children's Choir."