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LCC is now accepting new singers from Lawrence and the surrounding communities. With 5 choirs ranging from age 3 to adult, there is a place for everyone. Partial and full-tuition scholarships are available, and we invite everyone to sing with us!

Scholarship Information

The Lawrence Children's Choir Scholarship Fund provides financial support to singers and their families for the purpose of increasing the accessibility to our choirs. Scholarships are solely based on financial need and are funded through private donations as well as funds granted by our community partners. LCC has chosen to not stipulate a minimum/ maximum income threshold to qualify for a scholarship, as we understand that there are extenuating circumstances that may limit a family’s ability to have their singer participate with us. We encourage anyone to apply for a scholarship that needs it!

The LCC Finance Committee, with guidance from the Executive Director, oversees reviewing all scholarship applications and awarding any financial aid (identities are made anonymous through this process). As requests for scholarships may exceed our resources, we encourage families to complete the application in total and meet deadline requirements for consideration. Applications are reviewed annually.

Deadline for scholarship requests 

  • August 28, 2023 (Choristers and Tour Choir) 

  • September 25, 2023 (Capo and Cadenza)

  • January 29, 2024 (New Singers-All Choirs)

Scholarship Requirements

By accepting a tuition scholarship from The Lawrence Children's Choir, all families agree to meet the following requirements:

  1. Tax Form 1040 on file 

    •  Please scan the first page of your most recent annual income tax return (blackout social security numbers) and attach it as a PDF document to the scholarship application. 

  1. Signed payment plan for any balance outside of scholarship.

  2. Per LCC Handbook: Singers who receive three absences (or four tardies) per semester may be placed on probation (causing the scholarship to be revoked).

  3. Singers must participate in all required concerts for their assigned choir. Any absence (excused or unexcused) may result in the scholarship being revoked.

  4. Singers must conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to achieving the aims of the choir.  Positive and respectful behavior must be shown to LCC staff and fellow choir members.

  5. Accepting a financial aid scholarship commits the singer to a full year’s participation in the program (both sessions for Capo and Cadenza singers).  Singers who receive assistance mid-year as available commit to the spring semester of the current season.

  6. A responsible adult of the singer must volunteer a minimum of two hours of their time each semester to The Lawrence Children's Choir. Activities that would count toward volunteer hours include but are not limited to:

    • Helping with check-in and sitting at the welcome table during regular rehearsals.

    • Assisting with uniform try-on at the beginning of the year or uniform turn-in at the end of the year (Choristers or Tour Choir).

    • Handing out programs or helping with the box office at our concerts.

    • Set up/ supervision for the cookie reception at the spring concert.

    • Set Up/ Tear down for March Concert (Capo or Cadenza)

    • Helping supervise singers while passing out concert posters on Mass St.
Families interested in applying for a tuition scholarship must complete the registration process prior to submitting the scholarship application below.
LCC Scholarship Application